When my mother was the age I am now, her first child was a newborn infant. 

She was not married, she had not yet finished university, she did not have a six figure salary – 

But she still had me. 

In the twenty something years it took for me to reach the very same age of her early motherhood, she went on to become a woman and create a life whose spirit, power and epic adventure mystifies many of the (now) adoring people, who may have criticised her back then – 

For being an unconventional young woman, giving birth to another. 

If she had listened to their judgements, their criticisms, their doubts, I may not be who I am today. So, I consider it a blessed and beautiful cycles of events for me to be here, posting this now – in honor of the divine feminine power that creates life and more life, not only physically, but energetically through shared inspiration…

Not to mention… In honor of O.N.E. of the most profound, resilient and genuine mothers-to-be that I have ever met – 

The radically magical (for whom many are fanatical) adorably exquisite and cool AF Homie, Karun Mungai (aka Runkah). 

I feel honoured to have her blessing, to publicly share some very sacred photographs, documenting  impromptu moments we spent together during her last trimester of expectancy. Gardens, guitars, body painting, candid photo shoots, record players, open sketchbooks, oracle cards, incense, hammocks, gangs of puppies and sun charged crystals in this young queen’s presence have brought me so much joy. Her honesty, bravery & otherworldly dedication to personal growth has helped me to heal any lingering fears I may have had about ever becoming pregnant myself. She has demonstrated with undeniably full authenticity that it is not only possible, but wonderful – albeit, inexplicably challenging and soul-expanding. Most importantly, she has shown me that there are inner reaches of strength sleeping dormant within all beings, but especially women – and that these spiritual resources can transform the world, one life at a time.

Writing: Marushka T Mujic

Photographs: Marushka/NuFvnk | Body Art: Dija White | Styling: KIUMBE | Mood: VIBE TRIBE



There is this common myth that when you have a child your life is basically over. And I can see why that could be a thing but honestly, in people’s lives that I’ve seen, it’s only enhanced their sense of Self even more… Their sense of purpose… It can definitely take away from the time of what you’d wanted to do as a person but I think that, in the end, man – you’re just 100 times stronger. But also… I haven’t give birth yet so I guess I can’t completely attest to that!

Karun Pregnancy

This is definitely the most powerful thing that’s ever happened to me, in all directions – not just powerful positive or powerful negative, it’s just… powerful. That Mother Earth kind of energy… I can try explain it to you, but also every woman’s pregnancy is different. What I personally experience is… random surges of creativity – but at the same time a lack of interest in music. So! My creativity has not been in what I’ve been or what I’ve invested my entire life into – which can be heartbreaking at times – but at least, I’ve had some kind of a (creative) release. Like – I still draw, I still paint, I still have incredible ideas that seem to come out of nowhere…

Karun Pregnancy

Another powerful thing about being pregnant is that you get this super human quality that I’d heard of, but that… when you experience it… you realise that the human body is actually really incredible and – where the hell did all this strength come from?

Karun Pregnancy

My first trimester was difficult. For most people it is difficult, because you’re sick a lot, but I… went back to Boston and I was by myself, I had to take long train rides to my apartment, where I was living with people who weren’t very friendly, so that took a lot of strength… That? I don’t know where that strength came from. It’s like I have an extra reserve tank now, for when I feel depleted, it’s like Nope – you can keep going. I hope this is one of the things that stays into motherhood.

Karun Pregnancy Pregnant

Growing another life inside of you is… so strange (*giggles a lot*). And it’s so surreal. And it’s amazing. And also challenging at the same time… It’s hard! Like, the fact that the baby has completely shifted my center of gravity now and I have to get used to being in a different body!

Karun Pregnancy Pregnant

Now that I’m outwardly pregnant, a lot of people like to say things to me like ‘Are you sure you should be doing that in your condition?’ Especially, when it’s a man or someone you know will never understand or who has never been through this, you just feel like – You can keep your opinion to yourself, What are you saying? Why are you saying this? I would rather you not say this in my presence right now. People are always telling pregnant women what to do but… *sighs* It’s like you become public property. On the one hand, it is pretty annoying, but on the other it’s interesting how it brings you closer together with other people. People want to connect with you… you become a mama figure… people soften up to you – Cops! I’ve been stopped by cops, but – When they see that you’re pregnant, all that malicious intention melts away and they become a human being again. Seeing something like that is pretty… amazing.

Karun Pregnancy

I’m 36-37 weeks pregnant…which is officially in my 9th month. And hindsight is 20/20… So I’m sure I’ll have so much more to say. Or… maybe I won’t have time – Because, I’ll be taking care of baby. 

Karun Pregnancy

*FOOTNOTE, FAM*  …While Runkah may say she’s experiencing less musical creative leanings as of late, I myself must say that every random note of melodic truth that slips from her (however unconsciously) still possesses the power to wake up a whole room. And it can still make me cry. And after years, I still feel lucky every time we sing together. So, here’s a lil snap of that during her last trimester, too. Also, impromptu… (so I apologise for freestyling Kiwango’s verse in the middle, his version is way more sauce.) But hopefully, we’ll be hitting you with a fully recorded version from all four of us soon! <3 <3 <3