The human experience is what separates us from our beastly counterparts. Although the desire to want what you can’t have is’t an entirely humanistic trait, humans are the only species that seek help. Everything from Psychiatrists, to healers and witch doctors, all in the name of love, we’re asking if other worldly methods really work.

In my family, being fed strange potions for ailments was as accepted as it was taboo. Unlike myself, my skeptic brother was never enchanted by so called ‘black magic’. Our great grandma, a very traditional and pure hearted woman, would offer us potions whenever we were faced with illness or a life problem.

In my young mind, I always saw these concoctions as things that would benefit me, while my brother would politely turn them down. Even though we knew my great grandma as an earth angel who called upon her ‘divine spirits’ to heal us, she also warned about dark looming spirits – black magic. My brother and I often argued that the same way that for good to exist there must be an existence of bad, did that mean that for miracles to exist there had to be an existence of black magic? Although I never experienced a life changing moment thanks to the potions, the idea that asking for divine intervention could change outcome of things always intrigued me.

As much as I wanted to believe in the idea that someone could have all their answers met by making a sacrifice or performing a ritual – could these people really perform miracles, or were they feeding off the enthusiasm of their customers?

The old saying goes, “If you want something bad enough, you’ll find a way to get it.” Do psychics and witch doctors work, or do the customers just believe they do because the reality of the situation seems to have no worldly explanation.

While we can’t dismiss people’s claims black magic has worked for them, scammers often feed off the unfortunate circumstances of customers using a variety of tactics. Cold reading is how a majority of magicians perform their”psychic abilities” by throwing out a series of generic questions, then tuning in on body language to see which question you subconciously respond to.

I don’t want to lose my sense of mystery for the world – I choose to believe that there are people who can change the out comes of things, even bring people to the love of their life – Maybe these gifted people aren’t the ones that saturate our TV’s or post signs on light poles, theyare the once in a lifetime people we interact with every day..