You don’t have to follow American Football to enjoy the most outrageous TV commercials that aired in between with the Patriots v.s Falcons game.

Check out these commercials that stole the show in between all the action. According to the New York Times, 30 seconds of airtime on television costs up to 5 million dollars.

1.) Honda Revisits Celeb’s Yearbook Photos – Around 10 Million

Take a look back at your favourite celeb’s high school year book photos in this commercial for Honda’s new CRV car.

2.) Mr. Clean Sexes Things Up – Around 5 Million $USD

Notorious cleaning agent, Mr. Clean is personified as a dream man, doing all the dirty work in the kitchen.

3.) Skittles – Around 5 Million USD

Skittles takes on an absurd look at the classic love tale.

4.) Avocados from Mexico – Around 5 Million USD

Know someone that feels this way about Avocados? Supplier, Avocados from Mexico understand.

5.) KIA – Around 13 Million USD

Melissa McCarthy takes on global warming alongside KIA.