Last Friday night marked the January 2017 edition kick off of the Socialite Fridays club night at Sixty-Four Lounge in Nairobi. DJ Briggy brought the good vibes and the revelers partied hard. He makes a recount of the night!




noun: socialite; plural noun: socialites

a person who is well known in fashionable society and is fond of social activities and entertainment. DJ Briggy Rocks “Socialite Fridays” Night

For many Nairobians, finding a cool, chill and an uber lounge in the CBD to rave and just bond remains a challenge. Well a new era dawns now with the recently refurbished Sixty-Four Lounge located on Kimathi Street, Corner House, Mezzanine 1.

As I make my way up the stairs, the Beat Sync Live deejays are rocking the crowd with major Rhumba throwbacks. The music is so infectious, I spot the crowd moving like puppets on strings.

The drinks are flowing and the lovely hostesses from Sixty-Four sure know how to make you feel like VVIP with special services like allocating you a seat and punctual bottle services. DJ Briggy Rocks “Socialite Fridays” Night

As the good music vibe flows like a virus, my mind is running all around and my playlist seems so clear. Yeah, I definitely want the hips to sway and guys to dance, but I also want them to party hard with DJ Briggy as an experiential offer.

My models are quick to get the crowd playlist that revolves from Hip-hop to Bongo, Localz to Reggae. There is love in the air and I kick off the night with a musical journey taking the crowd back to the good old days of Genge and Kapuka. DJ Briggy Rocks “Socialite Fridays” Night

I couldn’t be more alive if I was shouting from a mountain top, pausing a line and watching the crowd finish the net line. Music has always been a virus that gets us higher and higher each time.

The club is electric tonight, everyone feeding off the smiles and fast dancing. I get such great joy deejaying and watching the crowd react. As the morning dawns, I wish this could go on and on.

But then again, I know good things come in shades! So, watch out for the second edition of Socialite Fridays next month on February 3rd. See you there. DJ Briggy Rocks “Socialite Fridays” Night

Socialite Fridays is back this Friday 3rd February 2017 at Sixty-Four Lounge. Find out more here!