Nairobi Film Festival has welcomed countless of award winning and critically acclaimed films over the years. Get your film buff on this, and check out what’s playing near you.

THURSDAY Jan 26th, 2017 – Opening Gala and National Premier

Showing: Kati Kati

Kati Kati is the fifth feature film produced within the ONE FINE DAY FILM Workshop initiative. The setting takes place Kati Kati, or ‘the between’, where the residents aren’t as lively as they might first appear.

FRIDAY Jan 27th

Showing: Kati Kati playing at Graden City Mall, Westgate, and Prestige Plaza.

SATURDAY Jan 28th –

Showing: The Battle of the Sacred Tree

Although no online trailer is available, this is one relic you have to see.  wrote for Variety in 1995 critiquing the film as,

“An independent-minded young woman takes on village hypocrites in “The Battle of the Sacred Tree,” a Kenyan debut feature whose breeziness looks particularly good in the wake of the similarly themed, blowsy “The Scarlet Letter.” While a tad too low on filmic/narrative polish to court much arthouse biz, delightful pic is a good bet for fests and programmers looking to fill contempo African or feminist-issue slots.”

Showing: Pumzi

This 2010 Sci-fi, Writer and Director Wanuri Kahiu explores what life would look like in a post-apocalyptic Africa. The futuristic tale focuses on Asha, a museum curator in one of the indoor communities set up by the Maitu Council, who discovers there could be life beyond their isolated vessels.

SUNDAY Jan 29th –

Showing: Shorts on Wheels (in partnership with Goethe Institut), Bike Gang, Flight Path, Yellow Fever.

Shorts on Wheels, in partnership with Goethe Institut, kicks off the first Sunday of the festival followed by other short films.

Showing: Ndoto Na Elibidi at Prestige Plaza, Bait, The Last Flight.

The last fight, one of the films playing on the 29th, follows two of Kenya’s most renowned boxing clubs are fighting for their survival. For Ndirangu “Coaches” Mahungu, head of the Dallas Boxing Club, the price of continuing the club’s boxing heritage is sleeping with his eyes wide open.

FRIDAY Feb 3rd –

Showing: Mad Love

This series of twisted love stories play can be found playing at Prestige Plaza.

SATURDAY Feb 4th –


Showing: Nairobi Half Life, Maria, Dangerous Affair

One of Nairobi’s more ground breaking films, Nairobi half life is a vibrant movie about a young actor struggling to pursue his dreams after moving to Nairobi with big city dreams.

SUNDAY Feb 5th –

Showing: From a Whisper, To Catch a Dream, Veve