Greetings to you The Me I Want family! Thank the heavens #Njanuary is finally coming to an end! Just one more week, hang in there!

Not only are avocados tasty, rich and creamy, they have a tonne of benefits. They are high in healthy fats that are heart friendly, help prevent bad breath, helps in maintaining healthy skin, aids in digestion, the list is endless!


With that said, The Avocado Show is a brand new restaurant opening in Amsterdam. Every single food item on its menu will in some shape or form contain rich, creamy avocados. These will be the deliciously-messy avocado-bun burger, the intriguingly-sweet avocado chocolate smoothie, and the classic avocado toast. The restaurant will be serving breakfast, lunch, dinner and late night snacks to satisfy those midnight avocado cravings.


Don’t you think we need a Kenyan version of The Avocado Show?