Happy New Year! I hope you got a well deserved break because I know I did.

It is finally 2017 and I have a new set of goals lined up for this year and I cannot wait to smash them! They obviously include healthy eating and weight loss, which brings me to today’s blog topic: when I can’t have it means I want it. What do I mean by that, you may think? Read on to find out.

It’s a hunger, it’s a disease… a plague!

Forgive my words but isn’t exactly that when you are told you can’t have something? You want it so bad you begin to obsess and crave… what? don’t act like you don’t know what I mean.

Begins when you are a child and mama says “No… don’t touch that, it’s fire” you want to touch it so bad that you dare to when she’s not looking and burn you do.

Gets worse when your a teen and your hormones are all over, you want that boy or girl and no matter who says what, you are all up for it: the more you are told no, or a situation says you shouldn’t dare and screams out walk away, you just can’t!

Ever thought how to use that drive with all its hunger and over bearing desire to do yourself some good?

Well that’s the approach I take with my size and shape. The more I am tempted to eat those fries or that deep fried chicken (my one true weakness combined in that order), I keep hearing the non believers tell me, you can’t possibly loose weight by changing your diet alone. That alone kept my eye on the prize… and I won’t say I am 100% there, but what I do know is that it’s a journey, a healthy living journey for the rest of my life.

So instead of picking the negative or daring to do what you’ve been told not to do with your health, remember you hold the choice in your hands. Tell that “No” that “no means no” and get on with healthy living. Because as the late TuPac shackur  said “we only got one life to live”

Thank you for dropping in and see you next time!