Zonda quietly squeezed in one of the best projects of 2016 just days before the nation ushered in a new year. The 10 – track compilation features Modest, Kapela, Tanzanian rapper Chief MufasaTimmy – Tim, Kanuni and Chikhwaza. The project is composed and produced by Zonda’s serial collaborator and producer Atwal . The EP is a composition of multiple realms, treating us to traditional sounds yet accommodating of the present times. Who else would weave Timmy Tim and Chief Mufasa on a track like that?..nikama ni ndoto!


”Been working on the compilation for a while now, here it is! A story of love, passion, motivation and struggle, inspired by real life stories. FANTASY represents the journey of music, Mechanix is the band I am evolving to.”

Stream the EP here: