Kenyan artistes: Prisca Ojwang and Silas Miami are set to rock Nairobi next Friday, 16th December at the Alchemist from 7:00 p.m. Hosted by celebrated media personality and artiste Patricia Kihoro, the event dubbed Afro Loving x Withdrawal Symptoms will be a celebration of African beauty through music, dance, monologues and visual stimulation – a call to all diasporans and local artistes creating dope content.

As the soulful duo share their artistic journey with the audience, they will be joined by Sage, KIU, Awuor Onyango, Jinku and radio personality/DJ G Money. Ahead of the anticipated show, Prisca says, “I’m stoked that Silas is coming back home because that means we can set this place on fire…with our performances! It’s about time. It will be high energy and a beautiful show! I cannot wait!” Afro Loving x Withdrawal Symptoms

Silas Miami says about the event’s theme: “Afro Loving is loving the afro on my head and the music the man underneath it has created. Withdrawal Symptoms is the result of cutting off from a steady stream of greatness too soon. It’s Nairobi – everything around it and the people in it. It’s how we all fit perfectly.” For the accomplished singer, actor and photographer, this will be a homecoming, since his relocation to South Africa, where he studies Film & Photography. He adds, “There’s something special about home. It’s true what they say- you always come back. Something has to be said about Nairobi’s ability to inspire: and that’s because of its people. They are unmatched.”


With a growing fanbase in Kenya, Prisca and Silas are working to conquer the African music scene. Prisca just released her new song “Afro Loving” produced by Mausay Media and Silas has also released new single “Hard to Love”.

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