Nairobi’s wide variety of activities leaves even the non-sporty spoilt for choice. Check out these 5 lesser known nairobi sports you should try.

1.) Ice Hockey

Transitioning from street hockey, to the lush rink at Panari Sky Centre Hotel was a big change for Nairobi’s hockey community. However, several years later, and with a lot of practice the players have set their sights on the Olympics. Anyone can stop by the rink to try their hand at free skating, or to sign up for a lesson.

2.) Jump Roping

The Kenyan Government recently recognized jump rope as a sport. Jump ropers have taken place in nationwide competitions since 2014, but you don’t have to be a school child to enjoy this sport. Just grab a jump rope and try a few variations on your jumping until your heart rate has increased for a few minutes.

3.) Chess

Although not considered a strenuous activity, Chess exercises the mind just as well. The Nairobi Chess club has been around for 58 years, and welcomes all players at any level.

4.) Pole Fitness

Several fitness studios across Kenya, and in the diaspora are offering pole fitness classes. Leave the stigma of pole dancing at the door, these classes are purely about fitness and body appreciation.

5.) Motocross

With several race tracks located in Nairobi, adrenaline junkies flock to Motocross tracks to test their stuff. Rent a bike or quad and see how well you can keep up.