Sauti Sol are one of the most stylish acts in the country and the region. Dressed by  2016/Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards nominee Brian Babu with pieces sourced from some of the top designers in the country , the band has continued to influence fashion and style in their own unique way. Earlier this year, their controversial high fashion outfits were exhibited in Brighton Museum in South London after they receiving mixed reactions back home.

Following the release of their third studio album ‘Live and Die In Afrika’, the band launched it’s own merchandise line to go with it. In a fast changing music industry, merchandise is fast gaining track as a reliable source of income and an extension of an artist’s creativity especially for touring artists like Sauti Sol who hold remarkable influence and fan loyalty.

Their merchandise is now available in several stores across East Africa. The band recently put out a designers’ call for submissions to join their merch design team. All submissions are sent to