Late last year Kenya’s hip hop music scene was thrown into one of the most controversial debates  #WhoisKing of Kenya’s Hip Hop scene. The debate was sparked off by Juliani in ‘Lord Forgive Me’ diss track that sent shots to Khaligraph, King Kaka and quickly morphed into a series of diss and response tracks from Khaligraph, King Kaka, Smallz Lethal, Kayvo Kforce, Patrick Irvine, Raj, Oksyde and Njeri.

Njeri was the only notable femcee that added her voice to the debate with her ‘No King’ diss song that sent not so subliminal shots to Femi One, Kristoff, King Kaka . In the track she raps ..

/banture brikicho/si ucome nikushow

/but kunavile ubebewa akili jo/so wachanikusare kabla uandikiwe mistare

/sihitaji kuwa ligii soo/nani anataka soo

/me hudeal na madollar/ uki dora

/kama me ni Nakumatt we ungekuwa Uchumi au Mesora/

The lyrics mocked Femi One’s ‘Brikicho’ single that failed to really suffice. She was plainly saying Femi One was getting a raw deal from her ‘broke’ label -Kaka Empire- run by King Kaka whose ‘Ligii Soo’ remix burst Femi One into the mainstream scene. She also alludes that Femi One has ghostwriters behind her bars.

Femi One today responded to the diss track with her own ‘Pilau Njeri’, although late by almost a year nonetheless it’s hard hitting. The video starts with an old footage of Njeri sending shout outs to artists she grew up bumping including Femi One, recognising her as an inspiration. The rest of the video sees Femi One go off on Njeri bar after bar.

/tuma reply uone niki clap back/alafu nikuone mtaa chipo mwitu na snapback/

/mnaniona less / me huwa nadu more/nilifunzwa na legends unajua signs ya master na student/

/wacha vire hatukuerewi/ hii ni fluent

/so manager wako alicall wangu/ tafadhali collabo/

/trash music /Njeri wewe bado/ hatupei no mind/ hiyo jina ndo hatupendi/

/unatuita show/hizo ujinga ndo hatuendi

/we kaa njeri mbona unashika moto/ujaskia niko ligii soo we bado ligii mtoto/

Femi One goes for Njeri’s  ‘signature’ accent, fashion style and what she calls ‘trash music ‘ while same time clearing the air about her role at Kaka Empire maintaining she gets her fare share of the cheques and boasts of her achievements like her recent call up to Coke Studio early this year. She continues her onslaught sending unapologetic shots to Kush Tracey, Sosuun and Notiflow .