Octopizzo made a rare stop on The Hump Show to discuss his latest ongoing projects and voice some of his concerns about Nairobi’s music scene. He delved deep into his upcoming album ‘Refugeenius’, a collaborative project with refugees from different African countries. Majority of the acts are from Somalia, Burundi, Congo, South Sudan and Ethiopia.


For the last two years or so Octopizzo has mentored refugees from Dadaab to Kakuma to become performers in various genres of music and sports. Born and raised in Kibera – Africa’s largest slum- Octopizzo rose to stardom from very humble roots and easily identifies with the pain, struggle and joy of refugees trying to make a home away from home.

Through his foundation, Octopizzo Foundation and partnership with United Nations High Commissioner  for Refugees (UNHCR),  he has been involved in projects like ‘Artists for Refugees’, a project that aims to enhance livelihood opportunities for refugees by building their capacity and improving their access to alternative livelihood opportunities through music, art, sports and culture. In June (2016) he was one of the invited  speakers at Global Refugee Youth Consultation (GYRC) in Geneva and is ranked 16th most influential refugee influencer after reaching over 17 million people with his efforts in 2015. His album will premiere on December 3rd (2016), his third studio album after Chocolate City (2013) and LDPC (2015).

Additional source : UNHCR