If you’ve never found yourself in a meeting of GNLD or MFB products serial marketers who confess to be earning as high as 30k per week (yet they look like they haven’t eaten anything in days), then you’ve not “searched for a job” in this Nairobi!

Here are some hustles those who have ever looked for a job will relate to!

GNLD/ Forever Living Meetings

wgNetworks #5at5: Four Hypocritical Things we do as Kenyans After a Death

I used to laugh hard those days when I would attend those meetings and those guys were talking like there would be overnight millionaires (both GNLD and FLP). As usual there were few rich guys, lots of average guys and many failures.


wgNetworks A Sneak Peek at Two Rivers Kenya – By Akinyi Adongo

My first time in a mjengo (construction) and I was asked to unload cement from the truck and koroga (mix up cement), I will never forget that!

Promotion Meetings

wgNetworks 5 Hustles Only Those Searching for a Job in Nairobi Will Understand

Ever been told to wear a fully matching branded uniform and walk along busy roads that have traffic in advertising a product? Problem comes when you bump into your estate crush!

The Night Massage Billboards

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For five hundred bob a night, your work is to hold a ‘Massage Parlor’ placard right outside the premises on a busy road. Ngong Road, Hurlingham guys, am sure you relate!

Matatu Seti

wgNetworks 5 Hustles Only Those Searching for a Job in Nairobi Will Understand

This I did between Zimmerman and Githurai 44 back in the days. Seti means people who are simply idling in an empty matatu to attract passengers who are always in a hurry.