The Afia product range has always been the ideal charmer if you ask me. If depressed, it will cheer you. Trust me on this. Well, am a big fan of the guava juice, in my view, one of the best things to ever happen in mankind civilization.

While tea overall remains easily Kenya’s drink of choice, traditional varieties are today more than ever, facing tough competition not only from coffee but also soft drinks, bottled water and fruit juice.

What makes Afia Drinks so appealing to many people? Is it the exceptional range of flavors that make up the unmatched assortment?  Or is it the unique essence that resides in its superior tastes? Afia means many things to many people, but we all agree that it is the best way to savour nature’s lovely flavors in their purest forms. The range includes Afia Juices, Afia Nectars and Afia Malts.

wgNetworks A Nice Cap Twist of Juice - but make it Afia

Talk about refreshment on-the-go. Afia has always assured meaningful conversations that perhaps hangover may get in the way of its goals. From sporting events, to a weekend family outing, Afia captures the deep conversations, making it even more juicy!

Young people love to be healthy and the cool peeps at Afia understand this. In 2012 they took a more innovative move and added state of the art equipment for fruit concentration and packaging. This resulted to improved quality and efficiency, increased production capacity, an ability to work with a wider variety of fruits, better packaging and an even stronger market growth.

wgNetworks A Nice Cap Twist of Juice - but make it Afia

Their food and beverage portfolio has since expanded and now features various lifestyle brands. Since hitting the shelves in 2003, Afia PET Juice has enjoyed significant growth and is now the market leader.

Afia is on social media; Facebook and Instagram.