AD Family are having a good week on the cloud with new a new mixtape out ‘ Buds III’  just 7 months after dropping  8-track ‘Bud’  which was put out by King Mkalla  and had cuts featuring  Dope i Mean, Kevin Green and Jovie Jovv, majority who now form AD family.

Buds II just 3 months old is a collection of 8 tracks puffed up with crazy urban lingo and risky tracks like ‘ Boss Iko’ which is a play on Pacho Record’s trademark drop ‘Boss Iko Nini’  and could be loosely interpreted to be ‘subliminal’ shots to mainstream rappers  like Rapdamu and Frasha, however  they keep it fun and witty. ‘Buds III’ just days out is collection of cuts made for the market, tighter and more lyrical than the recent ‘Buds’.