Chronixx and the Neo Roots Movement puts a stamp to the renaissance of reggae roots not just in Kenya but all over the world. That era may be just starting but the era of the early 60s punky reggae is not yet gone and The Wailing Souls are out to prove it.

Mention the late “Joe Higgs” and by sheer synchronicity, memories jump to The Wailers and the origin of Reggae music. The small Joe Higgs house on Third Street in Trenchtown, Jamaica, became home to many people including Bob Marley and The Wailers. In fact, Joe was a ‘father’ to these ‘Rudebwoys’ ghetto urchins and he taught them how to sing.

Evening informally at Trenchtown became rehearsals at his backyard homestead with the likes of Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Bunny Wailer, Bob Andy, Derrick Harriott, and the Wailing Souls, who all learned their craft here.

wgNetworks The Wailing Souls, Nairobi Awaits Their Roots Reggae Stamp

Benicassim, 19/08/2016. wailing souls (Main Stage). Photo by: Patrick Albertini © Rototom Sunsplash 2016.

The Wailing Souls are part of the small surviving group of reggae and roots originators still musically active today. They began their career in the early 60s and by the ’70s The Wailing Souls attracted interest from preeminent reggae producer Coxson Dodd and began a fruitful recording career. Four decades later the group has amassed three Grammy nominations, has been critically lauded for albums released by Island, Tuff Gong and CBS Records and gained a widespread international following, notes their website.

Higgs has usually been regarded as a shadow figure in reggae music. But even The Wailing Souls and Bob Marley still credit him for teaching them music.

Fusing the harmonies of Motown with the roots and dancehall sounds of reggae, The Wailing Souls persist as one of the most powerful forces in Jamaican music. To this day, the group continues to release provocative, highly regarded regarded albums and is one of the most popular live reggae acts on the scene. Nairobi will get this full package come November!

wgNetworks The Wailing Souls, Nairobi Awaits Their Roots Reggae Stamp

The Wailing Souls perform in Nairobi on November 5th live at the KICC. For more details, click here.