While on The Hump Show American singer, songwriter Akua Naru was very vocal and unapologetic about her views and opinions concerning the recent police shootings.

Hailing from New Haven, Connecticut (USA), Akua Naru’s journey to global poet began in an early upbringing in the Pentecostal church and her family would always encourage her to recite scriptures before the church congregation. It was only until her uncle started sneaking secular music in the family home that Naru’s love for words and her natural musical talent met to later on create the amazing and powerful artist she is today.

During her interview at The Hump Show she made it clear that her mission is to not only make great music, but to move others and inspire by using her own story.   Before our interview was over I asked Naru, “What can people expect from your show at the Alchemist?” She smiled and said, “Expect great music, the Afros, head wraps, and party people but prepare to be educated”. The next night while at her show I saw an array of powerful women, a lot of Afros but the stories she told while transitioning from song to song and the knowledge given during her 2 hour set was unmatched to anything I’ve ever seen.

Barak Jacuzzi.