Kenya’s music scene is exploding more so in the underground space where it matters most. A renaissance like this needs guidance, discussions and networking to unlock it’s obvious potential. The Alchemist Bar is hosting a series of music workshops dubbed ‘Alchemy – The Creative Sessions’. The interactive sessions will feature a host of speakers discussing different themes that are vital ┬áto growth either as a ┬ámusician, producer, DJ, and a creative with interest in music.

This week (Tuesday 9/27) will see Gilad give a talk on ‘Believing in yourself’. Gilad, a former Israeli deputy ambassador is the perfect description of self belief. Not many successfully shift career paths from diplomatic politics to music. His steady rise to the cream of Kenya’s music scene is noteworthy and it will be interesting to listen to some of his experiences and inspirations.
He’ll be talking and answering questions about believing and investing in your own journey as a musician, plus sharing some great ideas about how to build a brand which gets you where you want to go. The initiative is supported by Whats Good Live and ONGEA – The Eastern Africa Music Summit.

” He made a life change and decided to throw his weight into becoming a performing musician. He’s also created a new PR and marketing company Harmony Africa which focuses on Positioning Brand’s through strategic & creative use of PR, Social & Digital medias, graphic design, music and events production” The Alchemist Bar.