Shappaman looks set to drop his debut album to complete his trilogy ‘Wild’ series. During an exclusive interview with The Hump Show at MicRobbery AllStar Shappaman  mentioned that he was going to drop an album ‘Wild Wild’. ” We gonna do ‘Wild Wild’ the album, yeah… I think I’m gonna drop an album”


 Kus Ma X Barak Jacuzzi X Taio X Shappaman 

His first solo project is a 9 -track EP ‘Wild Life’ released in April 2015 which featured Kus Ma, Taio and Zonda. He followed it up early this year with his sophomore 11 -track EP  ‘Love Wild’ which featured Tiri, Joggz Regeru, Ceezy, Barak Jacuzzi, Timmy Blanco and Bigg Musa. Shappaman also tested his production skills, producing three of the tracks on the EP. During the interview he mentioned that he was open to collaborate with his former Camp Mulla brothers Kus Ma and Taio.”Oh yeah, oh yeah, most definitely, you know… it always one ting even if it’s not one ting”.

Oyaro Clinton.

Featured Image via Thrift Social.