Grammy nominated American record producer Metro Boomin has added his voice to the black political space. Young Metro announced that he will be hosting ‘ Young Metro Don’t Trust Trump’ show in New York on November 4th just for days before the US Presidential Elections that has pit Hilary Clinton against Donald Trump.

Metro Boomin Throwing Young Metro Don’t Trust Trump Concert In NYC

“With the election coming, I think it’s time to speak out,” he said, “So letting y’all know I don’t trust him, you don’t trust him and go ahead and celebrate that… With it so close to the election, I thought, let’s have this concert and celebrate this and all agree that we can’t have this guy as our President.” he told Complex.

He’s influence in modern day Hip Hop can be seen in his projects with Drake, Kanye West, Future, Travis Scott and Young Thug, some of the biggest rap names today.