“All Over You” is a pulsing track from New Jersey rapper Angela Mota. The song is sure to be a hit in the clubs, as the rapper describes an outgoing woman with a natural sex appeal. The hook, “all over you” describes the woman’s urge to keep moving to the beat.

The catchy beat was almost sold to Rihanna when Mota’s album was already closed out. In an email interview with Fader Magazine, Mota said,

“”Funny enough, I made the song with the intention to pitch it to Rihanna… I sent it to my managers and we all agreed the song should be on the album. Sorry Rihanna, I got you next time!”

As for the song, you can find it on Mota’s soundcloud. His album, Immaculate Taste will be released soon, and is promised to keep getting ladies on the dance floor.