Muthoni Drama Queen is all set for a first of it’s kind varsity tour (ME2UMDQ) that will see her perform, mentor and interact with students from 33 colleges and Universities across Kenya. MDQ has partnered with #TeamAdelle, Gigs Dynamics and Kipaji Entertainment for the three month long  tour/mentorship program that kicks off on September 13th at Jomo Kenyatta University – Juja.

Muthoni is one of the country’s leading musicians and successful entrepreneur having built from scratch a premier music festival ‘Blankets n Wine’ in Kenya and Uganda. The #ME2MDQ tour has been born from a desire for MDQ to connect and interact with university students all over Kenya, sharing her music and her experience on the entrepreneur journey in the entertainment industry.

It has also been born of a desire to create a new platform that will enable Kenyan artists to perform their music to a university/college fan base. The tour gives varsity artists a chance to showcase talent by sharing the stage with MDQ, entries to perform at resident campuses are ongoing on her website






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