We are almost halfway through a new week yet it still feels like Friday, more like a Wave Friday. You see, EA Wave has this contagious energy that goes on and on and on. The wave never dies. Something historic went down on Friday 26th, if you missed it, then you missed the dawn of new era in Kenyan music scene.

EA Wave together with select friends ushered in #NuNairobi; a new wave, a new sound, a new mentality, that of selflessness, collaboration and expression of true self. We had magical moments that night, from YLM’s mind blowing opening performance, Karun bringing out Skeme Music for her ‘Indigo’ performance, Blinky Bill debuting his first solo EP ¬†with Shappaman, that Taio-Kerby moment, Cosmic Homies giving a peerless performance to Nufvnk rapping publicly for the first time.

A lot of true moments and energy all over, I mean people weren’t even filming sets and taking pictures of the performers like you’d expect in a typical Kenyan event, guys were jamming, getting lost in the wave, too busy being one with the music, where else do you party literally from 8pm to 6pm? Never has a generation been so patriotic, woke and inspired like this, the last time we had so much euphoria and love in the air was when Camp Mulla flipped the scene sideways. It’s happening all over again. The wave is here.

Oyaro Clinton.

Images via : MG Gatheca