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  • Nyege Nyege Profiles sees Vincent Libosso, then writing for Juiced Today, recount his encounter with some of the performers set to ravel this weekend at Nyege Nyege Festival 2016.

  • The lineup this year is a wild mix of artist from EA and beyond.

  • Nyege Nyege is back this September 2nd – 4th

Schlachthofbronx always start a party everywhere they go which is exactly what they did this week on Tuesday at Club Tree House, Nairobi on their début performance in the country, and their last stop on their Sub-Saharan Tour.

The night saw DJ Gregg Tendwa warm the set with his electric Bengatronics mixes. Then it was time for Alai K, who got the crowd up on their feet and straight to the dance floor.

Gregg Tendwa was back later with The Bengatronics Band. Their performance oozing nothing but energy from the onset, the live mash up saw them address even the president on their song about the Garissa attack and insecurity.

Watching from the sidelines and enjoying the company of the patrons, were the Munich based DJ duo, Schlachthofbronx.

wgNetworks Nyege Nyege Profiles: Schlachthofbronx

The writer, Vincent Libosso with the German duo DJ, Schlachthofbronx

“This is really amazing mash-up,” Benedikt of the duo. ‘We are so excited. We thought being a Tuesday, Nairobi would not show up for a party. But they are here!” adds the second member of the duo, Jakob.

Nairobi once more proved that it is the place to party as patrons turned up in their numbers and ready for a great time. The event was organized by Goeth-Institut Nairobi, as part of the Germany Embassy’s German Week celebrations in Nairobi.

wgNetworks Nyege Nyege Profiles: Schlachthofbronx

The Goethe-Institut is the Federal Republic of Germany’s cultural institute, active worldwide. It promotes the study of German abroad and encourages international cultural exchange. Whenever possible, like with the Germany DJs, where they organised workshops and get-togethers with local artists.

When the duo took the decks at midnight, they brought a different sound to the city. They once in a while and in-between sets would delve into their new ten-track release album, titled Rave And Romance. The album directly represents the diversity of their unique sound between rump shaking slow jams and bass-heavy rave tunes.

wgNetworks Nyege Nyege Profiles: Schlachthofbronx

Bringing their unique emceeing and deejaying experience from playing in play clubs, festivals, museums, tents, boats, floats, busses, strip joints and beer tents, the Nairobi crowd that was a mix of locals and foreigners, definitely showed the duo lots of love.

The dance floor was a showcase of the best moves as the duo played the best in sound that is not only influenced by traditional Bavarian music, but also by rave, dancehall, dubstep, baile funk, bounce, and cumbia.

Coming from playing in South Africa, Cameroon and Kampala, UP caught with duo after their performance past 2am and asked about their thought on the Tree House event, “we loved the energy and playing in Nairobi. It was lively and the crowd was engaged from the onset,” reckons Jakob.

“We came with no expectations but just open-minded, and playing here, we got blown away completely,” added Benedikt.

wgNetworks Nyege Nyege Profiles: Schlachthofbronx

The duo turned to us and in unison agreed, “The tour has been great so far. It’s an amazing journey.”

Just a Band was the closing act for the night, playing till the wee hours of the morning and the crowd, still strong and on their feet, kept the dance floor lively with the best dance steps ever.

The international duo return to Germany now and embark on the festivities season tour in Europe with scheduled performances in Munich and France.

Images sourced from Goeth-Institut Nairobi Facebook page. For the full album, click here.