It’s an age old dilemma. Our grandparents didn’t have the technology our parents are up with, our parents don’t have the technology we grew up with, and the cycle will continue for generations.

For most millennials, we got the indulgence of living with – and without – modern day technology. We’ve gotten the pleasure of seeing things like 3-D fashion take a turn for the futuristic, while still being able to rock every day attire. However, trend is taking over. A trend that will likely be more foreign to us, and be a simple adaptation for our children.

– Welcome to the age of fashion take out.

What is mobile fashion? Filmmakers, and daydreamers have toyed with the concept for years – clothing and apparel being on demand, any time, anywhere. You may remember “futuristic” cartoons promising the ability to try on clothes using a hologram. The clothes may have magically appeared, after another “futuristic” exchange of cash. Good news is ladies and gentlemen your futuristic fashion is here, using social media to make ordering clothing on demand the easiest new way of shopping.

Nairobi’s thriving fashion scene is being taken over by online orders, and body bodas rushing off to fulfill them. Websites like Jumia, Kaymu, and countless other independent sellers are providing a service like no other – being able to order clothes from the comfort of your home.

Would you try this new oder-in fashion trend, or do you prefer the experience shopping provides?

Fashion Take Out