EA Wave (Jinku, Nufvnk, Ukweli & Mvroe) have had an illustrious year so far. The art collective (music, visual art, film, fashion) will this Friday celebrate an amazing renaissance that has swept the city and amplified a movement #NuNairobi which is fast stirring interest across Africa and the world at large. The collective have only worked as a unit for less than a year but the immense work they’ve put in is almost surreal having graced Blankets n Wine, African Nouveau, YKNL (Mchuzi Mix), Mwanaume ni Effort Festivals, a solo show in Uganda, Bravalla (Swedish biggest festival) and a whole lot more. The collective has also collaborated with Cosmic Homies(Kenya) & Jojo Abot (Ghana), designers Bongosawa & Bonkerz and recently worked on Karun’s EP ‘Indigo’.

Most artists on the Friday roaster like Blinky Bill, Shappaman, Cosmic Homies (Taio, Marushka, Kiwango, Karun), Skeme Music, Yellow Light Machine, Kerby, Bazil Ngode are working or have worked are working with Wave at some point. The gig goes down at The Alchemist, Westlands from 7pm till dawn and tickets can be purchased here.

Performances by:

  • Blinky Bill
  • Cosmic Homies
  • Shappaman
  • Barak Jacuzi
  • Karun
  • Taio
  • Joseph Kiwango
  • Skeme Music
  • Solvation
  • Suraj
  • Disco Benga
  • Riz Ibrahim
  • Kerby
  • Deejay Kace
  • Yellow Light Machine

Oyaro  Clinton.