Atwal Aduok is set to release his first professionally compiled album ‘Trap Heaven’ this Sunday (28th) at PAWA 254- Rooftop. The young but seasoned record producer is behind some of biggest tunes on Kenya’s exploding soundcloud. The album launch will also double up as the debut showcase for Trap Heaven, a first of it’s kind event by the same name that features the very best of Kenya’s Trap/Hip Hop music. The event will be graced by 17 acts , however just 12 of the acts are on the debut album.

The album will be released through his self made label Atwal Music, the compilation is not exclusively Trap Music but it heavily revolves around the Trap music premise. Atwal has released three tracks from the album namely; ‘All Day’ – featuring Kelvin K, Timmy Blanco,  Khaligraph Jones, Khaligraph Jones, Chief Mufasa, ‘Don’t You’- Ft Dave Ndegwa, Fena and most recently Work- Ft Steph Kapela, Uneek.

Tickets can be purchased at the label’s website here.