Having won three gold medals at Rio Olympics, Jamaican sprint star Usain Bolt could be seen partying into the wee hours as he celebrated his 30th birthday. With his title defenses in the bag, Bolt couldn’t help but let loose by hitting a club in the Barra de Tijuca suburb of Rio where his bill amounted to $1000 which he paid.

The brunette could be seen whispering words in Bolt's ear

Usain Bolt and the brunette seem to be taken up in the heat of the moment

Social media was a buzz yesterday when pictures emerged when he was twerking with one of the ladies in the VIP section and if that wasn’t enough more pictures emerged when he was in bed with another lady who is believed to be a widow of an ex-drug lord that was killed earlier this year.

The champ was pictured kissing the lady

The champ was pictured kissing the lady.

As of today, more pictures emerged of the Jamaican’s wild night out as they showed him kissing a different brunette in the VIP section. Bolt whose Olympic career has come to an end left Rio a day early before the closing ceremony and headed to London where his party continued.

He was spotted clubbing at the famous celeb hangout Cirque le Soi until the early hours of the morning in the company of several other ladies 48 hours after he pictured with 3 different women in Rio. When he retired back to his hotel he could be seen with two different women who were invited to continue the party in the hotel room.

Bolt could be seen waiting on the elevator with 2 women

Bolt could be seen waiting on the elevator with 2 women.


According to Daily Mail, ‘the Jamaican champ has had no special treatment during the Rio Games, sharing a room in an Athlete’s Village with team mateAsafa Powell for most of the event.
Prior to the Opening Ceremony, he and his Jamaica team mates were put up in a low-cost hotel close to Galeo International airport, where rooms go for as little as $136 a night.’