Just three weeks after his ‘Butere’ hit, Wuo Nyaboro just dropped another stunning visual ‘Utanisho’ immediately stirring a lot of interesting reactions and obviously reigniting the #WhoIsKing debate with his subtle yet suggestive sheng lyrics. The video was shot in Geneva, Switzerland and starts with clips of the city’s streets before we join Octo at the woods in a ‘Yamborghini High’ like set where the rapper goes ham with what appears to be a hard hitting diss to his competitors, most likely to fellow rapper Khaligraph Jones. Khaligraph recently released a much hyped and well received cypher The ‘Khaligraph Presents Cypher’ 2016  which exhibited his most provocative lyrics ever , dissing a host of Nigerian artists but saved the last part for Kibera-raised Octopizzo.


”…Marapper wangapi Kenya wanadu shit na do? We umehit Kibera me nimehit majuu”….

 To this Octopizzo responds;

 ”… Naskia bado kuna marapper wamestick kwa cypher, zangu ni kutoa soundtracks za syfy”…

”…Ati ulidanganywa unajulikana majuu, hao walikua wasee wanaswaaa

Octopizzo continues his onslaught with a commendable tight grip on his self styled sheng rap flow that has seen him create a distinct sound and following not just locally but internationally. His music has always centered around success and managed to cross cultural backgrounds. He’s also one of the most traveled artists in Kenya having graced mega festivals, touring European countries like Denmark, Germany, UK and France and he doesn’t shy away from expressing this on the visual.

A much delayed reply but non the less classical!


Oyaro Clinton.