It’s been four long years since we last heard Frank’s voice, in fact he released just one song during the four year hiatus, two if you count the converse collaboration. But all that has changed with his new visual album ‘Endless’ and an Apple confirmation that his much awaited album ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ will also drop this weekend. Frank just gave two albums he didn’t owe us.

After multiple release delays, hints to Frank’s sophomore album grew stronger and imminent after a mysterious live stream with an Apple logo appeared on his personal website on August 5th. Viewers were treated to looped soulful music while they watched Frank cut wood to build an unidentifiable structure but then the activity ceased and Frank disappeared again.

He returned with the live stream on August 18th and continued to build with music loops on the background. But now the whole visual album ‘Endless’ is complete and out on Apple music. Lets dig in.



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