wgNetworks Blaze by Safaricom: why it failed from the onset (Part 1)

During the Launch, the MC made a mistake of saying “This is not another product by Safaricom” statement that made me think: “What if it was one?” The proof landed when I saw the boosting of Data bundles and other services by Safaricom under BYOB.
At first, I thought be your own boss gave access to materials that can be used in making real life plans in achieving one’s dreams. In my head I saw a web library where documents are found with necessary tools to help young people assess their natural talent and make a plan on it, then enjoy the support of mentors on the walk toward the dream. That made perfect sense and it was even a greater cause than what I initially thought.

By Amandla L. Antonio

All we knew about Blaze before the introduction of BYOB, was attractive and motivational. I even went for the launch and instead of being what I expected, it was more like an amazing party and we did not mind since we knew forums and other activities were coming.

I stood as an advocate of the movement using what I thought it was all about. Then came the Be Your Own Boss, which we did not know of before the launch.

wgNetworks Blaze by Safaricom: why it failed from the onset (Part 1)

I wish you saw the shame on my face when I clicked and found information about how to boost bundles and subscribe to a plan that makes you a consumer and has nothing to do with helping you achieve your dream, unless your dream was to call that babe and tell her you are blazing!
There was money invested in all the activities, and I am not too sure that is how Safaricom planned to get a return on their investment. But they had to choose between going non-profit or commercial with Blaze. They just killed the fire that was already burning.