Well the Drake Vs Eminem rumored beef took a dramatic turn when Drizzy brought out the Eminem at his Summer 2016 tour stop at Shady’s backyard Detroit. The beef between two of the most prolific and successful rappers started off with a simple ‘joke’ at Ebro In The Morning on US radio station Hot 97.

Ebro while interviewing Drake claimed he had information that Eminem was gearing up to diss Drake after Drizzy took multiple shots at Joe Budden – who’s part of a Hip Hop super group Slaughterhouse – currently signed to Eminem’s label Shady Records. Drizzy responded saying ”That’s not gonna happen.’ He’s like, ‘He’d never do that. And if he did, I got something for him, too.” sparking a world wide speculation over Hip Hop’s biggest feud. Drake and Joe Budden have been going at each other for sometime with Budden releasing 4 diss tracks already but Drizzy has remained somehow quiet occasionally sending subliminal shots in tracks and social media.

Ebro has since moved to clarify the situation with many criticizing him for faking the story. “Facts we was joking…Talked about in jest & fools jumped out the window. I ain’t even think it was a big deal’‘. During the Detroit concert Drake lauded Shady saying ”Make some noise for the greatest rapper to ever get on a motherf**king microphone. He goes by the name of Eminem – legendary shit tonight” before literally bowing to the GOAT.