Young Thug has quietly been undergoing an evolution, the changes have been small and subtle, only noticed by few his die hard fans. He now prefers his mustard colored locks pitch dark now. He got rid of the septum piercing hanging from his nose and only dons high fashion these days. I’d say he has pretty much cleaned up his image. With his new mixtape ‘Jefferey’ dropping next week, thugger has decided to pursue a name change from Young Thug to No, My Name Is Jefferey, a similar name to one of the tracks on the looming mixtape. His Instagram videos of guns and cups of lean have since passed to oblivion.

Lyor Cohen (300 Entertainment) announced thugger’s name change in a Rap Radar podcast, he called on location shooting a commercial that will mark Young Thug’s name change.

“Young Thug is not going to be Young Thug anymore. His new name is gonna be, No My Name Is Jeffery. That’s his new name. The reality is when you see this commercial, you’re all going to understand.”