It’s a common phrase that Nu Nairobi youth knows far too well, ‘The best music is on Soundcloud and in people’s bedrooms.’

If you’re part of the art renaissance in the country or if you know of it, you definitely recognize that there is no lack of good music from artists here.

It seems like we just experienced rains and now it is a blossoming period when people are creating this amazing works of art and the future has never looked brighter.

There’s kids out there who don’t care of the systems and sounds that were before them and are creating there own style of what they’re inspired by and feel.

One of this creators is Sichangi. The producer I just got to know about recently and has an amazing catalog of music which you will soon be a fan of if you’re not already.

The first song I heard from him was this sample/remix  of a song by Drake and one by Beyonce

”Hold On” is his debut project compromising of six songs.

1. I Don’t Wanna Give Up

This is my personal second best. The sample of the kid rhyming over Sichangi’s amazing chord progressions adds a uniqueness to the song that makes it outstanding.

2. And After That Ft. Kahvinya & Harawa

The chemistry of all these artists in the song creates an amazing piece of music. You could also hear the nature sounds staying constantly through out the song that makes the record feel ‘earthy.’

3. Hold On ft Aroni

My favorite song from the record because of the vocals and tone that Aroni gives you a calm feeling that indeed everything is going to be alright.

4. I’m Calling You ft Half Baked

A producer collaboration with fellow producer Half Baked who is also a major contributor to the renaissance that’s #NuNairobi.

5. Sincerely Yours// Chemistry remix

Alongside the other great remixes of Tetu’s and Mayonde’s Single ‘Chemistry’ Sichangi also delivers his version of the song.

6. 40 Thieves

The outro of the EP is a hard hitting bass track that leaves you knowing the kid can make more than chilled electronic songs.

We also have to recognize the importance of really cool album art. The album art for Sichangi’s Ep is created by one of my favorite artists Mwangi Karuiki