What’s Good Studio played host on Friday 5th to some of Nairobi’s cutting edge rappers for the monthly What’s Good Friday, Hip Hop Edition. The featured rappers are part of a digital Hip Hop renaissance that is fast sweeping the city and country at large. The emcees got a chance to freestyle, network , curate content with What’s Good Live and mingle with close friends, family and fans at the invite only exprience.

The evening saw performances and freestyles from Barak Jacuzzi, The Posse, Skeme Music, Poppa Don, Shukid, Kevin Grands, AD Family, Young Haze, Moon Boy, Kimathi Marshal, Seroney, Marcus Wi. Also in attendance were Twenney Eights and Timmy Tim. The showcase was put together with Whats Good Live and #wgMusic, hosted by the multi talented Barak Jacuzzi and music by DJ Wabba.