Rick Ross took the world by a storm after he was featured in ‘Men’s  Health Magazine’ sharing details his transformative 34 Kilos weight loss. The Maybach Music founder was widely known for flaunting his round belly anytime he could. ”I’m happy,” he told Men’s Health Magazine, “I’m still losing weight, and now I’m starting to build hard muscle in places.”

After two seizures in just six hours the 40 year old rapper decided to loose weight triggering a 30 Kilo (75 pounds) loss from a previous 159 Kilos on scale. The weight loss program included he’s patented method called ‘Ross Fit’ which involved working out with friends four times a week, enough sleep and a personalized menu curated together with a  private chef . The menu still involves junk food but only at specific eateries and the hours noon and 5pm two days a week. His typical week involves four-day warm-up jogs, daily 30 minute exercises at different stations with moves like dead lifts and pushups. Ross also attributes his incredible weight loss to plenty of blunts and lots of money baths.