.. I think right now I’m more unapologetic about being my true and genuine self .”

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“I’ve also lent my voice to the Unicef #EndViolence campaign that’s championed by my friend Janet Mbugua. It is especially looking at violence online and centering on cyber bullying which is something I’m always vocal about. I think Janet is doing a tremendous job starting this conversation and I’m quite glad she asked me to chime in and help!” Adelle said, ” I feel like as a people we shy away from the conversations that matter. From addressing issues that we see everyday. It’s like we are too uncomfortable to admit that we have normalized violence. Especially in relationships. I find it odd that instead of calling what has happened in the past to Nyeri men abuse – which it is – we prefer to make jokes and memes about it. It’s also oddly alarming that every other month we have stories of young men and women in relationships stabbing each other to death. What is the genesis of this vice? It doesn’t go from love to stabbing. Something happens in between that we have normalized. First, we converse. I’ll initiate the conversation and I’m blessed to have influence every morning to do that.”

wgNetworks "Strength. Liberated. Self-aware, " Adelle Onyango on her Re-branding

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NAIROBI, August 5, 2016 – Popular radio personality Adelle Onyango has rebranded with a series of edgy publicity photos and an aggressive agenda for this year.

“If I was to define the new look Adelle, the words I would use are, strength. Liberated. Self-aware. Not to say that that wasn’t who I was before. I think right now I’m more unapologetic about being my true and genuine self,” Adelle said.

Adding, “I lost my dad in 2007 and even though him and my mum were divorced at the time it was my closest encounter with death. Years later, in 2012 I lost my best friend who doubled up as my mum. Everything about and around me shattered. The hardest part was redefining who I am as much of who I was, was heavily pegged on my mum. It was scary to venture into the world alone knowing that, that comfort zone she gave me was gone. I think the experience made me more self-aware and more willing to live my best life every day, regardless of who doesn’t accept it.”

Adelle who has on numerous occasions championed various social campaigns against violence spoke about upcoming projects.

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The charismatic radio star however admits that taking on Kenya’s biggest show on radio is no mean feat.

“I really think nothing fundamental in my character has changed – it has just become more pronounced. I love my job and everything that comes with it. I don’t look at it as the biggest show in Kenya but my opportunity to change my country and the world. And also an avenue to influence young Kenyans, to get them believing in themselves again. So to me this platform is such a deep calling and blessing.”

At 27-years-old Adelle is currently the youngest personality hosting a breakfast show, which is traditionally run by veterans media personalities. How are you handling this. What lessons are you learning?

“It’s rather strange isn’t it? Honestly, I’m putting in the hardwork. If there’s anything I’ve learnt is that we undervalue hardwork. I believe that in any field, you must put in your time. I am learning so much from all the other presenters I interact with, in terms of technical skills. But on a deeper level, I am learning what my purpose is. I have a purpose here, when I leave I must leave it better than I found it. I’m learning that this is such a deep journey and that’s truly humbling!”

Adelle’s journey has been a turbulent one. She has conquered a lot to get where she is now.

“I own each and every one of my experiences because I’ve gotten to the point where I understand why I went through them and I’m humble enough to learn from them. In 2008 I unfortunately got raped and I was in a dark place for a long time after that. I thought I was broken. But with support from my family, I pushed through that. I lost my mum and that broke me. Life as I knew it will never be the same but again I am letting the experience shape me for better. I conquered and I want my life story to inspire someone else to be a conquerer.”