A slew of new age rappers are slated to grace the What’s Good Friday on the 5th of August for the first Hip Hop Edition. The experience will see the artists interact with close friends, fans and family at the invite only showcase going down at What’s Good Studios in Lavington.

The invited artists have been at the fore front of a Hip Hop renaissance that is fast sweeping up the city. They are bringing a fresh urban sound and creatively curated projects; from mix-tapes and albums to solo concerts, choosing Soundcloud as their creative outlet. The roaster includes: Barak Jacuzzi, Timmy Tim, 28’s, The Posse, Shukid, Moonboy, Chale Slim, Kevin Grands. Other invited acts are Marcus Wi, AD Family and Jason Kalinga.

The showcase will be hosted by the multi-talented Barak Jacuzzi!