Another Cosmic_ Homies EA Wave collaboration is in the air! Cosmic Homies uploaded the visual for ‘444 Wave’ starring  Joseph Kiwango and Marushka, together with Taio and Karun form the Cosmic_ Homies. The collective describes itself as a new wave of African artists willing to challenge traditional and contemporary stereotypes through innovative media content. ‘444 Wave’ , which was produced by EA Wave’s Ukweli and directed by Marushka proves just that! The art collective has had an illustrious year: recently playing at Sweden’s biggest music festival called ‘Bravalla’. The two collectives have been at the fore front of an artist renaissance – #NuNairobi. The movement is quickly gaining local and international interest. Cosmic Homies are fresh off ‘From Kenya To The World’ US Tour, which saw them grace SXSW 2016, and open for Hip Hop legend Rakim at Trinity Hip Hop Festival.