J Cole surprised millions of his fans when he hinted at his retirement from the spotlight in ‘Jermaine’s Interlude’ off DJ Khaled’s 9th studio album ‘Major Key’. On the placid track, J Cole raps;

“Niggas as is out here dying / From police that flash the siren and pull up and just start firing.

 “Niggas murkin’ each other, in murky water I try and swim / How the f*ck do I look when I brag to you about some diamond? / Said all I could say, now I play with thoughts of retirement.”
While it maybe too cryptic to take Cole seriously on this, he went on record in his 2014 Complex interview stating he would never use retirement as a promotional tool.
”I don’t know. I love [making music], so I’m not going to use that as [a sales pitch], like, “Last album — make sure you go out and buy”.