By The Malaika

Off the band’s third studio album “Everlasting“, the light, flirty and melodious summer anthem has received tremendous positive feedback and has now taken its place on the world’s #1 Caribbean music compilation Reggae Gold who for over 20 years has brought the genre’s top hits into one must-have collection for music lovers.

“Dash Wata.” It’s a relaxed, practically euphoric song that could easily be used by the Jamaican Tourist Board for one of those enticing “Visit Jamaica” type of commercials.” – ThePier

“Remember when Jamaica airlines remade Bob Marley’s One Love song? “Come to Jamaica and feel alright”. Listening to Dash Wata I felt as if I was on a beach in Jamaica Sipping on a Red Stripe… You know, real deal authentic Jamaican music. ” – IAmTheIndustry

Reggae Gold 2016 by VP Records is available worldwide ( “Let’s go for a walk Down by the river side Let’s go for ride.. Ill take you to the mountain side Baby give your hand.. I will take the lead talk… We can talk bout the birds and the trees I’d like to give you a squeeze…” – Dash Wata