Every event organiser strives to live an insane experience for the revelers/fans. The cool peeps at IMAX ANGA Sky Cinema and What’s Good Live teamed up over the weekend to leave that crazy and insane Ghostbusters experience among the movie lovers on Saturday evening.

Heck, it was good! In fact, it had to be good. From themed music, to cocktails, fun activities to competitions and yes, free movie vouchers and merchandises up for grabs, the event was a massive billing hosted by our very own, wgRadio’s Bass Jump show host, Shiro Le Hero with DJ Wabba on the turntables.

In the wake of Paul Feig’s reboot film premiere, Ghostbusters has been received to raving reviews.

wgNetworks Ghostbusters Experience Review: What a Blast!

wgNetworks Ghostbusters Experience Review: What a Blast!

The female-buddy flick is set in Manhattan where ghosts have been let loose by a device that amplifies paranormal activity and it the duty of these crazy female buddies to bust these ghosts.

The crowd got a kick watching these girls in climatic brawls. The quartet, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, McCarthy and Leslie Jones manage to showcase their own distinct comedy brands.

The energy and fun from the onset is worth the view!

-Catch Ghostbusters at ANGA Sky Cinema, Mombasa Road at Panari Hotel.


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