Let’s say in the really experienced in the music industry and ultimately the main objective would be for you to get your music out to millions of fans all over through the internet, have a lucrative world tour and change your lifestyle thanks to your music career, but remember to make to happen, whenever you decide you need to make quick decisions, be sure to always keep long term goals rather than short term goals in the back of your mind.

Here’s a simple example of what happens more often than not here in Kenya:

An artist would have decided to record, release and share content he has come up with in the last six or so months. This artist would have recorded and released more than two 12-15 track mixtapes or E.P’s, yet for some reason nothing happens in their progress be it hype or on air media play traction. Moreover, they hardly get any paid gigs or radio play; any viral videos they post on YouTube hardly have around 2,000 views, as a result they are probably a tad bit frustrated and are questioning what it is they are doing wrong. In a nutshell, there can be a couple of reasons why they are not progressing in the game but the main reason is because they are doing too much without a plan. The main focus is off. They are not making use of their tunnel vision and they can’t see the bigger picture.

In any form of art or expression, there is always a phase where you may have a block of creativity. You may be very hyped about getting a bunch of material out there to the world but thing is, you haven’t done a good job in the quality and promotion department.  We came up with a tagline, Quality over Quantity back in the day that was reminder that what we create needs to have that international feel and crisp sound. Sometimes less is more. What artists need to learn is to  be stingy with their music in this industry. Take for example  artists like Kendrick Lamar, Nas, Jay Z, the list is endless.. It’s a known fact that dozens of people crave for what they can’t have, they will do anything to be ahead with the trends, always look for what’s hot in the industry however instead of running with that, you decide to give everyone loads of music out for FREE! This basically means you need to always have a purpose. You should only put effort into the things that will bring you the best results. When you are an artist, you have an expiry date; Meaning you only have  a few years to progress into the business, the goal isn’t to take a mass sum of music out as possible to a small group of people, the goal is to get a little bit of music out to as many people as possible!

Your focus should be take your time to make the best quality and unique product you can. Create something when you listen to, you know for sure somebody out there will love. Now that’s what music that sells sounds like. If you are confident in your product, you should be more motivated to publish it and promote it all over the internet. All you need to do is get out of the habit of recording new songs and releasing them frequently especially without music videos. If the fans appreciate you, they won’t mind waiting a bit longer for a quality product.  Keep the suspense going. Have your brand name in whispers and let the hype build up and kick in before you move on to the next project.

Focus on a releasing a few original songs that you can use to launch your brand properly and present to media houses and concert publicists. Good quality music almost ALWAYS SELLS itself. The better quality your music is, the easier it will be to get it out there into the fans’ playlists.