wgNetworks WTFY! UP Live 5 on the Flip – Afro Disco Explodes

Funky, fresh and feisty, the era of go-go boots, funky afros, bright and crazy dapper outfits is back and yes, relevant again on the funkadelic railroad. The one place that had a huge influence on the dance era in Nairobi back in the good old days. Here and now, our future and past lay side by side.

More than 10 incredible local acts (back up and main) are lined up to perform, stacked up in short sets—a little like an Afro Disco speed dating. Tetu Shani, Lucky Birdi, Teto Trio, Debe Debe Percussions and Chants, EA Wave with Yellow Light Machine and Shappaman, Disco Vumbi with Alai K and Makadem backed up by the Railroad Funk All Stars, impress.

wgNetworks WTFY! UP Live 5 on the Flip – Afro Disco Explodes

It is 2.00 am in the morning on a Sunday in Nairobi and we are standing on the edge of the Kenya Railways Museum; where the symbolic movement, industrialization, innovation, struggle and separation of modern day Kenya s well represented.

International headliner star, ALO WALA and her Danish drummer, Alexander Clerici had begun to play a few minutes past midnight—and the whole crowd’s inside vibrated.

UP Live 5 in its fifth year holds a distinction, boldly immersing artistic experiences in the form of film, fashion, food, drinks and artistic expressions.

We are here for a theme we have only rad about but not yet experienced—the funkadelic Afro Disco explosion!

Drawn to its feet in a visible wave, the crowd charged forward and danced hard.

wgNetworks WTFY! UP Live 5 on the Flip – Afro Disco Explodes

And so, the crowd again rises to its feet! DJ Jinku’s explosive set paves way for ALO WALA and Clerici, who between sudden eruptions of jumping and desert dancehall fusions, deliver the lines slowly and melodically.

We are in awe! Our glowing Silent Disco headsets off from our ears and now clutched on our hands/the fusion of WALA and Clerici revolutionizes and we can’t help but become a part of the movement.

Happy Birthday UP Nairobi.

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