What’s Good Fam? Welcome to the Hip Hop Thursdays, where you get to hear the freshest new skool Hip Hop jams from some of the most cutting edge artists in the country.

First on the plug we have the Kenyan-American sensation: Barak Jacuzzi.  He put out ‘Sema Nini’ about 3 months ago and the trap banger is still flaming its way on Soundcloud. Barak Jacuzzi was born in Kenya, but was mostly raised South Carolina, balancing his time between Kenya and the United States.

”I think it’s my style as a person and musician.  I am a combination of different cultures all in one. It really shows in my rhyme, style and content.  I bring a certain flava to the table you can’t taste anywhere else! My music style is a new-age funk, hip-hop and an afro-juice blend”, said Barak Jacuzzi.

[All Around Africa]