South African rapper Casper Nyovest unapologetically showed his love for Kanye West and what he calls ‘western influence’  on S.A Hip Hop when he dropped his new single ‘Same Chair As Kanye’.

…I’m African American
I’m African by birth
I just wanted to be American
I never knew my worth
Until I stepped out of my country…

Casper Nyovest made history when he became the first South African act on Sway In The Morning (one of the most popular Hip Hop  Shows in the US). The internet went crazy when Kanye West flipped out on the same show a while back. During the show DJ Sway asked Casper to free style. The result is what Casper turned into his brand new track ‘Same Chair As Kanye’.

“After my interview on Sway in the Morning, my fans asked me to turn my rap into an actual song. Here it is.”

Casper addresses his international fame, influence and pressure from being the best on the continent. Casper Nyovest has often been compared to Kanye West for his business acumen, explosive performances, heavy influence on youth and of course what many would call “egoistic tendencies”.

…Maybe the rap ancestors chose us
Maybe telling them about Africa is what I’m supposed to
Back home they listening and hoping that I don’t flop
I feel like the whole fucking continent is on my shoulders
This is crazy

This just might be too much pressure
But we been 2nd best for too long and dude I’m fed up
I’m tryna put us on the map and if you not clever…