Only love can get one of East Africa’s hard hitting rappers like Poppa Don in the studio for a seven song project celebrating his woman. Poppa Don has overtime created a sound out of his multilingual fete by cleverly switching between English, Swahili and his native language Dholuo. The husky voiced rapper lets us into his love life, but of course not without his trademark swank. Three of the seven songs are up on his Soundcloud with the rest available for sale (Ksh 500).

”I dedicate this to my number 1 Fan. The only person that can recite my whole catalog back to back without any glitches. The hype person you never hear about. I wrote this piece of Art for her from a position of affection and admiration. 7 tracks because it is her lucky-number and this date signifies a special event in our lives from the year 2012. I pray it is the seven tracks that will bring her happiness and remind her of how I truly feel 10,20 to 50 yrs down the line. I always want her to know that whatever happens, I always will adore her. I could have done it earlier but I kept waiting for a perfect time & it took an imperfect situation to get this EP together. Marley Sianto, I wrote you SEVEN”, said Poppa Don.