“Blankets is fun. I love it because of the people, the music, the cultures, food and the art.” Winnie, a post graduate now running her own e-shop selling shoes and bags from Instagram tells us as we chat, watching Sage perform on stage.

“This is that one festival by Kenya, in Kenya and for Kenya.” She adds, her cute blue dress flaring away. She is quite bubbly and free to chat.

Her friend and blogger, Irmah from USIU is also enthusiastic about the day’s performances. The main act for the day is British queen, Estelle.

wgNetworks The Blankets & Wine Double Treat Experience

wgNetworks The Blankets & Wine Double Treat Experience

Talking of which, the experience provides platform for these budding young content creators. Experimenting even with fashion and style for their blogs and social media, they have a chance to be free on a Sunday afternoon. Just be themselves.

By this time, fashion is key and Blankets is the perfect place to build lasting connections and catch trendy outfits today what will be the hype tomorrow.

Former Mr. Daystar University, Dimitri Macridis stops by for a chat. Rocking a cool hat, blue shirt, white linen pants and is walking barefoot, he is a big fan of the experience. Dimitri is excited about the turn out. Young and focused champs.

Time to party now! And if you’re not; well, there’s always the book club group.

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wgNetworks The Blankets & Wine Double Treat Experience

A great party means different things to different kinds of students. For Blankets and Wine, tailoring an experience far from the norm of passing out on Westlands’ electric avenue and losing something important like that iPhone 6 you saved hard for, curated for that young people has been key.

Involving art, food, music, photography and even drinks, the number of campusers plugging in and attending keeps growing by the day.

wgNetworks The Blankets & Wine Double Treat Experience

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