Two weeks later, troubadour Tetu Shani and melody maker Mayonde are still making headlines in musical spaces with one of the most soulful ballads I’ve bumped this year.

If you have listened to both artists separately, there’s no way you could have predicted the direction the collaboration would take. Tetu is a master of mood music, his guitar influence, chilled out persona, clever sense of lyricism and deep mystical voice makes his sound unique and instantly provokes a mood. Mayonde’s voice, however, is fruity and melodious, often taking one into impalpable realms of magical peace and serenity.

So when this lovesick duet joined up with Tugi on the guitar and had (EA Wave ) super producer Jinku add some seafront vibes to it , the result was pure ‘chemistry’.

The song starts with a stream of intricate chords before Tetu picks it up and sets the tone. What follows is a beautiful love story about two people in love who are just on the brink of finally being together. Tetu gracefully ushers in Mayonde who true to her nature fills the ballad with a soulful yet sultry touch.

Can ‘t they make an album already! Because we are feeling the chemistry.